Mood Board No.3: Barcelona

de2dbd4cf2fab4f6faec18ab6b7f1963Here’s another Mood Board for you guys (see Mood Board No.2 HERE), a simple way for you guys to pick my brain.

I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve been itching to visit and learn more about Barcelona, Spain. I think it has to do something with all the beautiful warm colors. Purples, turquoises, blues and hints of pinks. There are so many different types of textiles everywhere, including the architecture. Ah, I think I would just faint from how stunning everything is in real life.

I’m such an adventurer/traveler/explorer at heart, if only my pockets/wallet can keep up with it all. But who knows, maybe time will tell and I’ll finally work up the courage to start saving correctly.

For now I’ll just have to settle for being inspired by such a gorgeous color scheme, and I can officially say I have, since I made my way to Home Depot for a little shopping spree. I ended up buying spray paint in all the colors I’ve been yearning over. Let’s see if I start making some wonderful artwork, If I can’t get to Barcelona, I’ll bring some of Barcelona to me!

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