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IMG_5841.wGuys, this is my 900th post! Where has the time gone? Maybe I should do a give away once I hit the thousand mark.  On that note I have 195,417 views and counting… Maybe I can do the giveaway once it hits the 200,000 views .. hmmm.. so many ideas.

I guess you guys are just gonna have to come back to keep checking, but no worries, I’ll think of something good.

It’s been a long time since I have painted… let me rephrase that, it’s been a long time since I have painted on canvas. Lately, in case you guys haven’t noticed I’ve been painting a lot of Bodies lately. Not that I’m complaining. When I’m painting on my fellow lady friends, it’s usually so fast paced, I think of something, don’t bother sketching and just go with the flow. About 30 minutes later (yes, 30 minutes, when I first started it used to take me 2 hours!) I have new artwork ready to be modeled and photographed.

Painting on canvas is a whole different experience for me.  Since my canvas is not moving, not only do I have to sketch something out, I have to take my time with it, leaving no room for error and trying to put in as much detail as I can. I can be sitting down (jamming music in the background) and painting for up to  8 hours and up!

When I first started painting I used to hate stopping, I wanted it all to be done in one session. Having to pick up where you left off is such a difficult task. Not only do you not have the same colors you mixed when you started, but the vision you originally had is gone, your vibe is different. What you could have painted one day can have a completely different outcome another day.

Now I try to take sessions, as much as I hate it, because it’s exhausting, my neck starts to hurt (blame my horrible posture) and I just get so distracted and end up dancing in front of my mirror instead. haha

I have an easel, but ask me if I use it….IMG_5881

Anyways, I just wanted to update you guys, and let you know that I’m finally gonna back on my grove. Even though I don;t always have the time for it, i remember when sitting and just escaping into my paint was all I needed to release stress. Make me feel better and just express myself. I have so many thoughts going on, and I want to do so much, getting started is the tricky part… but I promise, to you and myself… I’m gonna get better.

The canvas that I’m painting above is a commission piece that I have finally finished, so stayed tuned for that one 🙂

See you guys later 

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