A Night with Lights

IMG_5735Just because fourth of July is over, i t doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with some firecrackers. When I was younger, I usually got to wait on my dad to break out all the explosives… I guess my brother A has the same tactics in mind when it comes to his kids….awww.

Zj, Jolie and Justen raced down the stairs to get started. It was windy and it looked like it was about to rain. maybe the thunder in the background was more than obvious. None the less, we were ready for some lights, talk about dangerously living on the edge.

Zj was scared, and I have to admit, I love it when he lets me baby him, especially because he’s usually playing the smart slick one. So when I get to see him get all babied up, I take full advantage.

Justen had the bag full goodies and kept picking the best ones.

Jolie was my trusty camera woman, yes.. I pull full trust on my six year old niece with my camera. After teaching her how to hold it correctly, she grabbed some nice shots and didn’t want to let go.

Check out Jolie’s pics!sig 2IMG_5733IMG_5685IMG_5740IMG_5736IMG_5737 IMG_5741IMG_5738 IMG_5752 IMG_5768IMG_5701IMG_5672.JPGIMG_5697

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