New Body Art: In His Tee

IMG_3941Mini Kat, at least that’s what I get to call her. I haven’t seen her in forever, and what a perfect way to catch up, but by letting me paint all over her. She was a little shy at first, but not when it came it to her butt, that’s one thing she was flaunting everywhere!  Renne Mode was in the neighborhood and decided to kill some time before she headed to an art show, so I put her to work right away. I made her grab my go pro and make her self useful so I can get some video behind the scene action (see here). This time I was working solo. Not only did I paint, like I usually do (and with no sketch), I photographed, and edited both the video footage and the pictures. I’m a jack of all trades.. or at least teaching myself to be.  Since I didn’t want her to be so exposed I put her in a men’s collared shirt.  Kat was pretty simple to direct, and I love it when the girls feel comfortable and throw ideas at me. She grabbed a video controller in no time and I ended up loving it!

As for the piece itself, Take it as you must… but I will say this, I was in a bit of a rut…hence the purple haired girl shedding some tears with a broken heart, but the spiritual me, kept praying, hoping for better days to come.

Enough about that.. let me knows what you guys think… you know I absolutely love feedback!

Until next time loves,1372784350218-light80perc.jpgIMG_4037 IMG_3965 IMG_3996IMG_4082Credits:

Body Painting, Photography, Editing: myself, 2minxinx

Model: Kat