The Happiest 5k: The Color Run

IMG_7577Finally! I’ve had these tickets since March! Katt and I was so excited for The Color Run. A marathon where, well colors are thrown at you! I told myself I was going to force myself to have more of an active lifestyle, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Katt broke night, while I was cherishing my zzzzzzzz’s. I made a white tutu for the special occasion, because what’s better than a blank canvas? (coming from this artist herself). We were rushing, because like almost all the time, we run on hispanic time, which means.. we were late!

When we got on the train we made some new friends who were adorned from top to bottom with “The Color Run” attire,  we ended up making new friends in no time. Jess and Jennifer were dolls, and while we looked for the school bus that was going to take us the location. ( I haven’t been on a school bus in like 15 years!) we laughed about how excited we were.

I for one, had my hair in braids, something that I know I appreciated.. because the last thing I need is my hair flapping around everywhere while I “run”. Note how run is in parenthesis. Since we  (all four of us) were technically  the last ones to arrive, and Katt and I had yet to “Check In” we rushed to the starting line, which I swear, there was like three of, so it made things a little confusing. Especially when we were so hyper and started to run for nothing!

We made a deal that if anyone asked we ran the whole time, hahaha.. but let’s face it, I can’t lie to you guys. Most of the time were walking, jogging and there was a lot of skipping involved. I felt like a little fairy.

There was one little girl who was so adorable and complimented me on my tutu. I ended up just giving it to her and her face was absolutely priceless. 

I have to say the mosh pit, where the stage was my absolutely favorite. Maybe I don’t have Bonnaroo out of my system after all. I was hopping around and getting so excited everytime I heard a song that I liked… which was most! the dj was great.  Best of all, there were more colors being thrown everywhere! IMG_3342

IMG_6455DCIM100GOPROimage (6)DCIM100GOPROJessica & Jennifer looking adorable

IMG_8909image (7) image (8)

IMG_9630unnamed (4)Check out this video of our day!TNYC14_21_01179_LUntil next time my loves!

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