Kicking The Guys Out in Style

924021_330690223747200_812567992_nLately Katt and I have been on our non-stop girly rambling.. which means gossip all the time!

There’s not enough time in the world for all of our nonsense. So this my loves, is what happens when her boyfriend get home. Officially kicked out of his own bedroom. We decided to make it official and ended up taping the mean girls on the door, plus the same image was his screensaver whenever he decided to log on to his computer, which is like, all the time!

So basically this is what @kattwomanxo and I do on our spare time. Make @zeromsc ‘s life harder than it needs to be.
“You can’t sleep with us” #nohomo lmfaooooooo

Now someone pass me the ice cream!

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