July Wants

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I am in huge need of a laptop, sooo bad. I’ve been going crazy for a mac for a little while, but ever since messing with Kat’s macbook air… I’m kind of sick of it, and don’t really find it convenient. I’m sure for other’s it’s a necessity, and I won’t lie the graphics are amazing.  I’m meant to be a Windows girl, and that’s just how I’m going to keep it. I fell in love with these ( 13 + 14 ) two beauties.

I’ve also been hunting  for some new septum jewelry… I’m getting so sick of this basic silver ring. I want something more tribal .

As you guys can tell, I’m always updating my blog… like always… it’s my baby! Sometimes I catch myself having a brain fart, and don’t know what to type, don’t know what to say. Ever since I was younger I always wrote everything down, maybe it’s because my lack of remembering details or maybe t’s because I can’t stay still and always need to fiddle with something. This leather journal is just calling my name. Plus, I loooove the smell of new books.

What are some things you want this July?