Patron in a Coffee Cup

IMG_5292trial-blog-headerPatron: Jasmine’s favorite tequila.

Jasmine would have been 26 years old today. Customary, we (my cousins and I ) had to take a shot of Patron in Jasmine’s name. (see here for previous birthday).

With the babies fussing about, we weren’t really “turned up” we were more like “turned down”. We were exhausted from the 2 minutes of reggae we did manage to dance, and from all the explosive diapers that needed changing. Maybe we’re just getting old. Since Sasha, my cousin is still settling in her new place, and I found no shot glasses in sight, I found some cute little mini coffee cups that would do just fine. Even though the girls were laughing at me for it.

It was a comfy night in, I got to spend time with my beautiful cousins, their babies and their men, and Raymond hahaha, don’t think I forgot you. 

Check out my Outfit of the day illustration below.

Happy Birthday Jasmine, I love you!

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