New Body Art: Dose of My Soul

blockageVicky, Vicky, Vicky…It was good vibes all around at first sight. Model Vicky had bright personality, and what I loved best, is how she mentioned how she recently fell in love with herself. At first, I did the obvious “wait, what?”

After explaining to me, how she finally realized how loving herself came first, she finally accepted what she looks like in every aspect, she was free spirited and confident… I was in awe.

One day, I hope I get to feel that way about myself. I have still have some insecurities to deal with.

David was amazing as always, and as soon as he finished shooting, we were cracking up hanging out in my room in no time.

I started painting this mannequin head a little while ago, which I have yet to finish. Since it went so perfectly with what I painted on Vicky, why not grab it and throw it in the mix?

I decided to paint a Minxette the brightest I could think of, to match V’s outspoken personality, orange was perfect. Especially since I barely use that color and it’s one of my favorites… on that case, like I really need to mention purple hair! haha

She also has one a striped bathing suit, which just makes me want to scream ” Paint me like one of your french girls!”

Go click on the names to make some new friends… Plus, I have a different scene shot, which I love that I’m gonna share with you guys coming up!1372784350218-xtralight8080perc.jpg