Little Italy

UntitledIMG_5253IMG_5229After Jeremy’s graduation, it was time for a celebratory dinner. My father is the biggest celebrity whenever he steps into Little Italy. He’s always welcomed with open arms into every business he steps into. I was ready for some food, since I ate not one thing the entire day! I ordered the “Pollo Sorrentino” which is chicken smothered in sauce and small potato on the side. I was so relieved when I saw my plate had no pasta. Something I was not craving for, especially since I’ve been trying to take care of myself lately.

My brother Christian, Julievet and I already had our own “business deal” going on before we even entered the restaurant. Everyone orders something different so we can have a taste of each others plates. One thing was for sure, we were definitely ordering cheesecake!

I wish I could say I got more pictures of Jeremy at dinner, but he was sitting all the way at the other side of the table! Note why most of these pics are of my brother Luis, his woman Julievet and my handsome nephew Tristan. Not that I’m complaining 

The waiter was a long time friend of my dad, and I swear I know he was hitting on me, I did one of those courteous smiles to kind of brush it off. hahahaha..

The Sangria and white wine were amazing, but when do I ever really say anything bad about spirits? 🙂1372784350218-light80perc.jpg

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