Happy 26th Birthday Jasmine!

JasmineI’ve been holding on to this for a little while now, just waiting for the right time to publish it. What better day than Jasmine’s birthday? Today you would have been 26 years young! I’m at a loss of words, because I honestly don’t know what to express, but the obvious. I miss you like crazy. If you were here right now, you would’ve been counting down and getting us all hyped up. You would have had a gorgeous rocking dress with some killer heels and big hair. Beautiful, just like you.

Today, I’m meeting up with the rest of our cousins since we’ll be cutting a cake in your name, and of course, taking some shots of Patron in your name… you and your tequila, I don’t know how you did it!

Love you so much Jas, I hope you like my gift to you.

I’m sure birthdays in heaven are way more extravagant than here… rocking your all white gown.

Happy birthday beautiful.


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