My Not So Little Graduate

IMG_5043.bMy not so little graduate. The youngest of the bunch Jeremy was officially graduating from the 8th grade, one step closer to high school and another step closer to making me feel like  a vieja (old lady). I’m not gonna start with the obvious cliche ” I remember when I used to change your diapers!” hahaha, even though I pretty much just did.

My sister was shedding tears in no time. I was getting frustrated because out of all days my camera was throwing a temper tantrum, giving me a difficult time. All siblings where in an attendance, me as the oldest, to Luis, whose next in line, to Christian, Julissa and of course the graduate. Of course now we had my handsome 4 month old nephew stealing the spotlight, being passed around back and forth throughout the entire ceremony.

Jeremy looked like he just stepped out the Terminator movie, and I kept harassing him to smile a little.. it’s his day, and he looks like the last one who wants to be there!

Though there was some technical difficulties with their sound equipment, the ceremony was nice, it was personal. which I found was a nice touch, the faculty actually took the time to personalize messages to their graduates.

Enjoy these pics and stay tuned for our little mini celebration dinner coming up in the next post.
IMG_5097IMG_5153IMG_5167IMG_5110 IMG_5158IMG_5182IMG_5207IMG_5212IMG_5218.bIMG_5194IMG_5196IMG_5209 IMG_5215IMG_5220Congratulations my sweet little big brother. I am so proud of you. This chapter in your life has just opened up new doors for you. You’ll be seeing all kinds of new experiences, not only academically, emotionally, socially and so much more. High school is the practice grounds for life. You’ll learn new things, learn about yourself, have a first love, have your first heartbreak, deal with bullies, be a bully, experience temptation and learn that opinions are everywhere. I know you are a strong individual who can accomplish anything in life if you set your mind to it.

Know that I’m always here for you, if you want somewhere to go, someone to do something or simply want someone to listen.

I love you so much, congratulations Jeremy!

♥, your big sister.

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