I-HOP for Zj’s Kindergarten Graduation

DSC04770.jpgDSC04767.jpgMy godson Zj just finished Kindergarten, I’m so proud of him, especially since he was recognized for his well doings in science! After the casual ceremony, we all headed to I-HOP to get fat. We were starving, and I for one was ready for a huge omelet and some pancakes. I encouraged Zj and his cousin Aidrian to race, let’s see who sips water the fastest, check out the outcome!DSC04775.jpgDSC04777.jpgDSC04782.jpgDSC04785.jpgDSC04786.jpg

After stuffing our faces, the kids drifted ways with Z and Katt and I were headed for some thrifting. The mermaid parade is around the corner and we yet to have our outfits in order. We were in need for some sequins, and the fabric shop was the best place to do so. Since it was so hot outside, slushies were the only things that could rescue us from the sun. We headed to dunkin donuts for some of their coolatas. Much needed.

All the walking we did was a love/hate thing. I like that I’m being so active lately, especially after Bonnaroo and all the walking I did on the farm. But like most hispanic women, I needed to stop at a store to buy some short, because my thighs were starting to making a fire. Chaffing is the worst!DSC04790.jpgPicMonkey Collage.jpg.jpgDSC04807.jpgoh la la