A Little Bit of Happy

Lately I’ve been catching myself feeling pretty good in front of the mirror, a feeling I’m not all to familiar with. Now that I’ve been cautious with how active my life style is, I’m trying my best to keep it moving…literally.20140626_083158.jpg

I have never been the type to go crazy working out, even though I want to be and have tried many times. I just never stuck with a routine. I catch myself being more physically active more than usual. Which I find amazing. Ill walk more, I’ll do a few squats while I brush my teeth, do a few jumping jacks while I head over to the computer, lunges while I walk to the living room, and not to mention all the dancing I do in front of my mirror.20140626_083143.jpg

It’s not a weight thing, though I do have body fat that needs to be handled. It’s the energy.

I find myself strolling down the street with a positive vibe and a natural smile. Something I would love to wish on everyone.

A little bit of happy is so therapeutic, simple and always noticed.

You’d be surprised at all the happy strangers who say hello to me now. Something while walking all grumpy never did. It’s shocking how one little action  like changing the way you view things can alter your day.

With a little jump here and there I see myself having better days and I’m absolutely loving it.20140626_083124.jpg.jpg

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