New Body Art: Pixie-Pus

ourbackgroundModel Sam, is such a sweetheart! Her Pixie cut was so adorable, I had to title this Body Art shoot by it. That and the octopus inspired tentacles that are surrounded by the Minxette. I present you, Pixie-Pus!  Shooting Sam went by so quickly, it was like click click click ..done!

Not to mention David (photographer) did such a great job at editing. I had mentioned how much I loved the mix of our logos in the background, and how I wanted to do more of these, especially since I did it myself a while back with a different Sam who goes by Set,  who I did body art with (Here) and this trio below…. forget it.. I was in love! Enough of my non sense talking… tell me what you guys think!triplaughsidelaughsarah

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