Bonnaroo Music Festival; Day 3

DSC04691.jpgDay three or 4, I think I have officially lost count. The days just blend together and it seems like it’s just one huge day that never ends. Not that I’m complaining. Showering is a hassle, and we’ve all been taking turns with water bottles and soap. I’m pretty sure I’ve flashed some innocent campers. Good thing I’m never gonna see any of them again.DSC04582 DSC04583 DSC04584 DSC04585

After more beer pong, or should I say “liquor” pong, because I couldn’t take the taste of beer anymore. I opted for shots of Jameson. And because I suck, not only did I have to drink the cups the other team kept getting in, I had to chug down the ones I missed from the other team as well.

I was happily drunk in no time.

We headed to the farm, where Frank Ocean, Zedd, Chromeo, Lionel Richie, Elton John, Skrillex, Damian Marley, Chance the Rapper, Lauren Hill, Artic Monkey and waaaay more… take a peek at the lineup:bonnaroo-2014-lineup-eltonjohnI wish I could say I had more pictures… because even with all the ones we did take, I feel like it’s not enough. Especially with ones when we were on the farm. I was way to busy having fun, and with all that freedom on my shoulders, I didn’t want to carry anything at all. Everyone had waterbottles, purses, cameras, wallets… I was not having it.. I was literally running around everywhere with nothing but my Bonnaroo bracelet.

But I will tell you this.. stay tuned for a video that  I would be posting up some of our trip.. and I’ll include some pics in a different post from the actual event photographers at Bonnaroo, now that I have shown you all of mine.
DSC04690.jpgDSC04601DSC04695.jpg|Parachute games for twisted adults!|DSC04700.jpg|Chromeo killing it on stage|DSC04703.jpgDSC04710.jpgDSC04719.jpgDSC04728.jpg|The beautiful Lauren Hill|DSC04730.jpgDSC04736.jpgDSC04745.jpg|DSC04737.jpg Party Party Party!!!! |DSC04741.jpg

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