New Body Art: Autumn’s Bottom

ladyingreen.jpgSorry for the lack of posts lately. I was on vacation, and with no service or way to get to anything in the online world. My blog was on hiatus. A couple of previous posts ago, I had mentioned that David Zayas Jr. and I, once again got to work. Lately, we’ve been working together on this body art series to expand our portfolios. I have no complaints yet, and from the responses I get from you guys, neither do you!
We have beautiful ladies, strip down (to their convenience and comfortability) where I start painting on their bodies, David starts snapping away, and makes magic happen.
Autumn was one of the free spirits for this month’s group, a sweet red head, who I found out was extremely flexible.  I was sooo excited, since I’ve been wanting to work with a contortionist so bad!
I got to do just that… check out some of the final images below.IMG_9437middlespread shoes greenery

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