confirmationMy little brother Jeremy’s confirmation.

He looked so handsome. I remember when he was just Baptized (read that post here) … it was only 2 years ago, how tall he has gotten!  I had slept over my godson Zj’s house the day before, just so I wouldn’t have to deal with the commute.

When I got to the church, my family was already seated waiting for the love of my life to make his grand appearance. I was to see my sister Julissa, who I almost never get to see anymore. I missed her so much.  Zj was a little trooper and so well behaved, probably because he fell asleep in lap since he’s not really a church goer.

I was a bit upset the church didn’t allow us to take pictures during the ceremony, though it was fully understandable enough why not. Knowing me, I snuck  some shots in and got in trouble with Deacon Bellow. oooops.

I’ve known Deacon Bellow since I was 15 years old and he definitely made sure he picked on me after mass, saying he was going to take my camera away because I should know better.

Good thing I don’t!  Enjoy these pictures and congratulations little big brother!


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