A Swing and the Kids

IMG_4335After Jeremy’s confirmation, the kids and my sister Julissa headed to the park. The adults stayed at home, gossiping like old Dominicans do. And by  adults, i mean real adults, not us 25 and 21 year olds. I’m still a kid at heart, so hey.

I wanted to take some nice pictures of Jeremy since he was looking so spiffy in his collared shirt and tie. He told me he felt cooler with his shades, which I couldn’t agree more.

Gialin (my sister’s niece) and Zj (my godson) hit it off well, not that it’s hard for kids to make friends fast. (Kind of jealous of that fact really). I had some fun pushing them on the swings and watching them run around.

I’m so glad I wore some comfy heels, because the way I was running around everywhere.. no wonder I have huge calves!

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