Can I talk to you?

926182_1416764625269922_68084926_n926182_1416764625269922_68084926_nI’m kind of getting tired of staying in…. I’m gonna start taking applications for new friends. . . Until then I have wine to occupy myself.

Lately I’ve been trapped inside for days straight. I’ve just been feeling so bleh!

My latest projects, watching Netflix all day, I have officially finished all of my wine ( waaah!) and I tore my room upside down, because I was supposedly trying clean, the right way. Not just organize stuff and move it around to a different place in my room. Now my room looks like Hurricane Minx came around. I do have to admit this, the way everything is re-arranged now, I feel like I have way  more space for painting. Once it’s clean that is. hehehe.

On another note, my painting has been slacking tremendously. I have this commission piece  I started and am almost done with.. I just haven’t picked up a brush…ugh, what is wrong with me!?

I’ve been taking photographs lately to sort of build up my portfolio, to pick up some gigs here and there. Maybe actually spend time to kill.

I just feel like I need to do something, anything, fast.

Boredom. Stuck in a rut. Yuck.


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