Behind The Scenes: Body Art Sessions with David Zayas Jr. & Friends

Untitledpolaroid it’s another one of those projects working with David Zayas Jr. Since we all love how his photographs turn out, why mess up a good thing?

This time I had a friend who I missed soooo much join me as my “official behind the scenes” person. I haven’t seen MaryAnn since Christmas and we had alot of catching up to do. With her came, her trusty pup Simba, which we all agreed his name should be Scrappy, since his personality and looks reminded us of Scrappy Doo, Scooby Do’s nephew.

All the model fell in love with him. Apparently he fell in love with my quilt, because that’s where he decided to sprinkle some extra love for me to remember him by.

The models were great, and as always, I hope you guys enjoy these behind the scenes pictures and stay tuned for the final product.

Until next time my loves. IMG_2900IMG_2850IMG_2848IMG_2979IMG_3015IMG_2918

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