Princess for a Day

Hanging out with girl friends is the best. Mheartstar, Chevy and I were eager for our girl date to come around.

I haven’t seen Chevy since my birthday where we danced the night away(see that post here) and I haven’t seen Mheartstar since like October…. Oh my geeeezus! Where does the time go?

I met up with Chevy first, as we headed to party city. We were on the hunt for anything funky and didn’t really find much, but funny little things to crack up with.

We decided on getting princess crowns.

Every girl deserves to feel like a princess.

After we met up with Mheartstar, we headed to BBQ’s, which honestly, I’ve only been to like once, and I was like 19 at the time, and mind you it was  only to get drinks with friends…..

Yes, I used to drink at that age.. who did I think I was?!

I ordered a burger and pina colada to calm my stomach… we were feeling our drinks in no time, and truth be told, I think we were the loudest ones in the restaurant.

Hmmm… maybe that’s why everyone kept staring at us.

We were loud, talking about boys, talking about life, talking about work, and all the traveling we are gonna be doing soon.

No matter how long it takes for us to catch up with each other, a couple of drinks and shots later, it was like we weren’t gone for long.

I miss hanging out with my girls and we better do this more often… no excuses.

See you guys later.1cb375036ff5b6d0a8b411e038b0949d
12IMG_23093457689I hope you guys enjoyed, until next time loves.1cb375036ff5b6d0a8b411e038b0949d