A Little Bit of Dancing, A lot of Bit of Fun

IMG_0842I haven’t seen my Pia in foreeeeeever. Last time we saw each other was when were were working Behind The Scenes on Toby Love’s music video (read that post here) . Now that she was back in NYC, at least for a little while.. I was so happy when Nikki invited me to meet up with them. Since everyone was already done with dinner, and I already ate before getting there, it was perfect timing. We were headed out to do a little dancing. Something I haven’t done in a very long time. (or does me dancing in front of my mirror while I clean, count?)

Here are a few pics from our night:

004054057048002070.1009072After a few drinks… faces tend to look like this:milli nikkiIMG_0850 IMG_0847

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