Time Capsule; Old Finds

Omg… promise not to laugh!

I bumped into old photos of my work at it’s early stages.. most of these are from 2008, 2009 maybe 2010, no later than that… I look back and think how much I have grown in these past few years. You can definitely see the difference, the details, the style, the colors, shading, absolutely everything is different. Yes, at this point I was mostly all into graffiti, since I was dong things I should have not been doing at the age of 18 and so. I thought I was so grown up, I wasn’t living at home, a spray can was my comfort and attention from boys was  temporarily securing.

Not only has my artwork shown growth but so have I . I look at these images and smile, because if it wasn’t for my expression for art, who knows where I would be.. I am still growing and have so much to teach myself. But you know what, I ‘m happy knowing that I am lucky enough to be passionate about something and stick with it. Not many can say that, I for one will wander lost sometimes, but never because I don’t know what I love in life.


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