New Body Art: Azia in Bones

legsstuffShooting Azia was not on my schedule… not that I’m complaining. She walked in with killer spiked heels running the place, ready for some fun.

We decided on her legs so she felt comfortable. I decided to change things up a bit and went for some skeleton bones, that I’m secretly a fan of.

Why not mix up meat and bones into the whole thing? I did almost like a playing card wheree the girls are reversed, but instead the top half of their bodies were switched over with their bottom half.

I loved the end result, and I hope you guys do too.

Of course we had David Zayas Jr. behind the lens and Makeup artist Rachel behind the colors of her face.

Telll me what you guys think of this shoot.. I can’t wait to hear it!funlegs.2 legminx elbowsCheck out Thirsty4Pop and Azia acting all cute!bwtwos