New Body Art: Thirsty for Curls

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Who doesn’t love a girl with huge curls. Working with model A.J. made me miss my natural kinks so much. Maybe I should stop dying it crazy colors, and start over naturally….tempting, but I’m so addicted to all the chemicals … (Cough cough cough…let’s get back to the topic on hand)

This was the only back I got to paint on today, the biggest canvas on the body, which made it easier for me to get whole image to be seen by another. Usually when I paint legs, arms, the image turns, so it’s a tad harder to catch on camera.

Photographer David Zayas Jr. made it easy for this curly haired beauty to jump in front of the camera and have some fun… Plus, she was already super excited that I made her Minxette look almost exactly like her… Curly locks, big earrings and all!

A.J. is part of a duo girl rap group, with Azia.. who will be feautured next on the body art series. Check out her music while you’re at it.imageCredits & Behind the Scenes:

Photographer: David Zayas Jr.

Body Artist: 2Minxinx

Makeup Artist: Rachel Ventura

Model: A.J.