Superstars & Scumbags

IMG_547656d7a185e6f1934d6c06cd0d76692162Right after I left Parson’s I bumped into _J8d6m_, which we found hilarious as hell, especially since we’ve been following each other on ig for a while and have only met and hung out once. She’s so laid back and down to earth, so when she mentioned she was headed to a graff show, we grabbed some milkshakes, that we later spiked and headed to the show.

Superstars and Scumbags was a tiny hole in the wall, so I wasn’t surprised when almost every one was hanging outside. We got to meet some pretty cool writers and we ended up mingling exchanging stickers and hitting black books.

I haven’t done that in so long! My graffiti days are so far behind me,  I honestly miss bombing, the rush, seeing your name in big paint…. and the smell… I mi ss you graffiti.
IMG_5479 IMG_5480 IMG_5485 IMG_5486

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