Art Now NY Presents-Push It- An All Women Art Show

4Tanya and I made our way to an All Women Art Show on W28th Street. Fellow talented ladies like Lady Pink, Queen Andrea, Indie 184, Tracy Piper, Elle, Alice Mizrachi, Katrina Del Mar and so many other phenomenal women. As soon as I arrived, I bumped into Phil, one of my friends that I always manage to bump into at art shows. It was packed! Once we roamed the halls that led to 3 different rooms, we hunted for food, roamed the High Line and Chelsea Market. We ended up a cute Spanish dinner on 23rd St. I ordered Ropa Vieja, even though I was in the mood for a cheesecake. I did however end up seeing something different on this menu that I should’ve tried, It was an avocado milkshake! I think I’m gonna have to to back for it.

Check out these pics from our night and the amazing works by so many talented ladies. Until Next guys and gals!1cb375036ff5b6d0a8b411e038b0949dIMG_3213 5 6 71 8 9 1011IMG_321311 PicMonkey Collage1IMG_31222IMG_321611314IMG_33091

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