Sasha’s Babyshower

DSC03176UntitledMy gorgeous prego of a cousin Sasha is almost due for the newest addition to our family, Jonahs. Her and soon to be father, Ramgy had the cutest theme I have seen yet. Hollywood Cinema. All their little touches were absolutely on point.

I had my friend Tanya be my date, which was so good. We have both been so busy with our lives, it’s time to start making some time for each other.

My sister Julissa looked sooo cute with her bob and grey dress, she looked like she came straight from the 90’s.

The mom to be, Sasha looked soooo glamorous! Almost everyone was going nuts with her sparkly dress. I loved it.

There was a live tipico band, which I was loving, once I’m up and dancing, forget it.

A nice surprise from one of Sasha’s friends was a belly dancer, she was great and had all the men blushing!

Here’s a few pics of our night… on my next post, I’ll be sure to put up some of the maternity pics I took for Sasha and Ramgy as their gift, which they used for the shower… See you guys soon.39e728cf9928f45483b4e2af424818acDSC03129DSC03126DSC03128DSC03177DSC03133DSC03137DSC03143DSC03134DSC03146DSC03142DSC03155DSC03148DSC03145DSC03163DSC03158DSC03164DSC03170DSC03173DSC03190DSC03185 DSC03235 DSC03212 DSC03215DSC03245

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