Shots at Coney

DSC01048When I used to live in my mother’s house, I was one block away to my escape. I had a beautiful view of the bridge, the dirty waters of NYC and the breeze of the planes that headed to La Guardia airport. That point was my sanity. I would ride my pink cruiser bike and lay on the flattest rock available. Now that I’m in Brooklyn, I’m not that lucky.

On  my birthday, all I wanted  was to do was get a view. I was having the worst day, I felt like sometimes, still feel like everything is just crashing down. Straight out of work, headed to the train, knowing that the water and said would be all needed to put a small smile on my face. With my earphones on, I headed to Coney Island, the only place I could think of that could grant me that moment. I caught my stops going in reverse, apparently I missed an announcement. Now I was headed towards the opposite direction, I knew it was too late (to Judy’s babyshower) to go back. I shed a tear out of frustration and headed home to get ready.

This time, I  left straight from work and was focused on breathing in some fresh air. No matter how cold it was, and it was cooold. I grabbed a few shots, cleared my head for a bit and sang to myself while roaming the boardwalk.

Check out a few pics from my little escape.DSC00996 DSC01035DSC01017DSC01033 DSC00987

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