Quelf and Dance 25th

IMG_3053IMG_3050IMG_3085IMG_309583cdf0bd9774a3ef9123c4df9b341aabI spent my birthday sharing it with one of my best men, my brother Luis. My step-brother and I are officially 25 years young. I didn’t really want to do much but spend some quality time with a few close friends. We spent the night playing a board game by the name of Quelf, which we ended up turning into a drinking game. We had to pick a color out of  a hat, whichever color you got, you picked  card and did that act. If you failed to do so, you got the penalty… take some shots!

We were feeling the buzz in no time. Chevy got stuck putting her hands on her head for the whole time, and anyone who locked eyes with her, she had to say ‘”I have you now”. Jesus was stuck with a box in his shirt, Angel got stuck holding a spatula, Luis had to dance like a ballerina, Domingo had to act like a dog and I got stuck playing stiff, because my card read, I couldn’t bend my arms or legs, every time I bended, I  had to take a shot…..omg. I moved way too much!

Tanya got excited when Chevy  mentioned Just Dance on the wii, and we all started to get down.

Check out the video from our night below.


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