25 Things I Have Learned In My 25 Years of Life


e527My birthday has just inspired me to write a little for you guys, and I know it’s pretty long, but we all need to do some reading anyway! Here are the 25 things I have learned, or atleast remember at the moment.

1.You can’t force advice:  When I was younger(and rebellious), my mother would always give me “consejos”. (consejos=advice in spanish) It could be anything small or even life changing, and when that act wouldn’t happen, I would be in a lot of trouble, given a stink eye or like any dominican parents, get talked about to all her other friends. But I’ve grown to learn that advice is not an order. You can always listen, because someone is giving you their opinion about what you should do, but at the end of day, you always have a choice. And it’s yours. Consequences or not.

2.If you aren’t happy single, you won’t be happy in a relationship: Almost everyone is looking for that “special one” that instant love that would make all your worries and doubts fade. That happily ever after. Of course you can find that, byt life isn’t a fairytale moment. You have to find love and happiness with yourself before looking for it in another.Stick_Figure_Love_by_Not_A_Prodigy

3.When you smile, you make someone else feel better: I have had some crappy days, let me tell you my friend. I’ve noticed when those bad days takes over me, that attitude, energy can mess up moods along the way. I’ve noticed even while hiking through the MTA, a little smile can go along way. Not only does it make me feel better, but smiles are contagious. Maybe someone else had a bad day, your tiny act probably made someone feel good about themselves or their day.


4.Respect and love yourself and others will do the same: Don’t expect others to see gold where you can only see dust. If you don’t believe in yourself, if you don’t believe that you are a capable, a worthy human being, chances are that nobody will. You will act on that belief and people will treat you based on what you think about yourself, based on how you treat yourself and based on how you act and behave in the world.

5.You can’t force someone to be a part of your life: I can’t stress this one enough. I’ve always been the type to treat others how they treat you. It’s only common sense and what most us have been raised with. But no matter how much you try to be decent to others, some people are just toxic. No good can come from having negativity being thrown at you. Sometimes you have to remove certain people from your life, even if they’re family. Don’t take it personal and just keep it moving.images

6.Yelling only makes things worse: Making a valid point is a way to be heard when battling minds. It may not always be easy, but losing your temper makes your point seem silly when all the adrenaline is rushing  through your system.

7.Dancing in your underwear in front of a mirror is the best medicine: Sometimes, nothing but acting ridiculous and letting all my frustrations, sadness or even happiness is best expressed by dancing. I get down. I’m so glad I don’t have people peeking through my windows when I act up, let alone in undies and ugly pajamas, so embarrasing! But give me my glass of wine and pump up the music, I’m always ready…plus you get a easy workout. haha.


8.People deserve a second chance:  We are all humans, weall make mistakes, and we all deserve a second chance. By doing this, you are also allowing them to grow and to become better and better every day. Your ego might tell you to “let these people go” but what does your heart tell you?

9.Not all is fair in love: Relationships are a two way street. They tend to be harder and stressful than work itself. But if you really want something to last, you find a way to make it happen, and on that note,  it needs to be wanted by both persons. Not to mention, not getting too confortable where you start to lose respect for the other. But, that’s another whole story I won’t get into right now.flower-love-romance-stickman-stick-figure

10.Be Grateful: The law of attraction works in all that is good and also in all that is bad, and it’s only up to us whether we choose to focus our attention on the negative or on the positive. Focus your attention on the many great things you have and you are grateful for, and you will see that the more you do that, the more reasons you will have to express your gratitude for.

11.Stay Humble: I can’t stress this one enough. I have met so many talented and beautiful people, and sometimes you come across some who need to knocked down a peg. Narcissm is one of the ugliest traits I find on people. Be humble, it will get you far.

 12.Revenge is for the petty and irresponsible:  Forgiveness is the act of compassionately releasing the desire to punish someone or yourself.  It’s a state of grace. I know you have to feel anger before you forgive, but most acts of revenge have consequences, not to mention childish. The urge to punish others has much more to do with venting frustration than correcting behavior. Things don’t always work out, learn to let go and you’ll love better for it.stickfigure

13.Bad Hair Days are the worst: Enough Said.

You can’t hide a bad mood from people who know you well, but you can always be polite: Just because your in a bad mood, it doesn’t mean it has to effect everything about your day. Your character is most seen when things aren’t going well for you. How you handle it, is everything.

14.Everyone has a story: Every passing face on the street represents a story every bit as compelling and complicated as yours. We all have gone through things, being fired, not enough attention as a kid, heartaches, abuse, accidents, deaths, etc. It’s not meant to be compared, just know sometimes it can define a person, sometimes it may not, not everything is about your level of pain.


15.Laughter is everything: Have you ever caught yourself laughing, I mean really laughing to the point your stomach hurts and you can’t breathe? It’s the best high in the world, and it’s free!

16.When you break promises to yourself, you feel terrible. When you make a habit of it, you begin to hate yourself: We all have those moments. I’m gonna start eating better, I’m gonna go to the gym, I won’t date douche-bag guys anymore, that was my last doughnut, I’m gonna go back to school etc. Let’s start keeping our promises to ourselves. We matter.

17.Planning Usually Helps: I’m the type of person who loves to write everything down, as you can obviously see.  I jot down everything from what I need to get done, what I want to accomplish, budgets, Ideas, what to buy etc. You get the point. Not only does it let me physically see what I need to tackle first, but it makes me feel better that I try so hard to be organized.  Process Stick Figure

18.People come and go like seasons: Life is a solo trip, but you’ll have lots of visitors. Some of them are long-term, most aren’t.

19.Every problem you have is your responsibility, regardless of who caused it:  I didn’t start it, but I’m gonna finish it. I know that sounds familiar to some of you. Not everything is your fault, yes, but how YOU handle it makes all the difference in how this day is going to turn out, how people view you, what you as a person represent.

20.A kid will always tell you the truth, even if you didn’t ask: I don’t have kids, but I have been and am constantly around many. They just don’t have that filter yet, so be aware, that they will be the ones to say (and very loudly) why is your hair that color? What’s that on your nose?(septum) How come you’re not married? But you’re so old! etc. Expect the truth to hit harder than a drunk guy’s truth.

21. Women have Hair too: Being a woman is a constant battle. Media doesn’t help with all their magazine and perfect celebrities, and let’s not even start discussing the male prospective on how they see us! We have ourselves to maintain as well,  waxing everything, everywhere (Ouch!) Where do I sign up for Laser Treatment?

22. A Penny saved is worthless, save about 100, 892,753,8245,704,169 instead: That was a random number,obviously. But I think you get my drift. I always tell myself I’m gonna start saving, and when I see it doesn’t accumulate to anything, I spend it. Yes, Bad Minxie, I know… which goes hand in hand with my next lesson learned.Stick-Figure-300x300

23. Patience: I beg for you every day. I always had a way of getting my way, well, usually making it happen for myself, I don’t like dealing with stupidity from other people and I never like waiting. Over the years I have learned that sometimes I just need to take a step back, breathe, and re-think the situation, I’m not gonna get upset for something that I probably wouldn’t care about or end up forgetting. I like to stop and ask myself, is this really worth going crazy about?

24.Life is all about the journey and less about the destination: A lot of times we get so caught up in what we want to achieve, that perfect picture, that end result, that we forget to live and to really enjoy life. Now, you may want to take a deep cleansing breath, and allow yourself to be present in everything you do; allow yourself to enjoy each second of your life; to observe the world around you; to observe the people that are present in your life and the beauty that is present within you and all around you, life in general.stick-figures-(4)

25.Nobody has at it all figured out: I know sometimes you may sit around and exchange war stories with friends and family, and in your head your going nuts. “What am I doing with my life!?” Just remember, nobody brags about the bad stuff that’s going on in their life. We are all winging it, trying to make the best out of day, trying to make tomorrow actually happen. We don’t know all the answers, sometimes we don’t even know the question. You are not alone, we all fighting to become better versions of ourselves.stick_figure_with_heart.1Well, enough about my ranting, what are some things you guys have learned?2

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