Arcade for the Boys: Jeremy and Zj

4image0011I missed two of my favorite men sooooo much. It was time for some fun, so I picked up my not so little big brother Jeremy and godson Zj. I had planned to go to the Guggenheim Museum and then take the fellas to an arcade, but since it was a bit late, the museum was out of the question. Jeremy and I headed to the park while I waited for Zj to get home, and I managed to grab a few pics of him skateboarding.

I even managed to try to skateboard, yeah.. I suck. When I was a kid I would just sit on the board and roll down a hill. hahaha.

Zj got a coquito and headed straight to the kids section to play while J and I got some Burger King, Β was starving! I offered Β Zj some food and he wasn’t hungry, but while walking to the train… guess who was hungry!? ay yai yai. Zj is a trip, off to McDonald’s we went.

When we finally arrived to Dave and Buster’s Zj went crazy, trying to play every game possible, while Jeje was a bit upset since he felt Β the machines were cheating him out of tickets.

Since neither of the boys got crazy tickets, and that prize store is hella expensive for crap. So I decided to treat the boys to their own prize. Cold Stone ice-cream is the best, and oooh so bad for you..cough cough, me. I chomped down on some cheesecake ice-cream with cookie dough, Jeje had vanilla and gummy bears and Zj had vanilla with oreos. Yum!

Anyway, check out some pics from our day.

I’m so glad I got to spend time with my boys.


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