52f87d16d1832e537b6a879cfcf98dee So I finished Scandal, what I caught up with. Glee, Gossip Girl and watched like 4 episodes of Dexter, which I have yet to get to caught up on. I also started watching Rules of Engagement, but to tell you the truth…I’m stuck. Netflix, what have you done to me? Do any of you have any ideas of what I should watch next? Heeeeelp me.

3462a82bad0b0e5d3831f9480c501ac7I’ve been looking at youtube tutorials for my new camera… I need some accessories man. I need some lenses and lighting and crap, what have gotten myself into? Also, I’m super addicted to ItsJudysLife on youtube. Her family and new twins are suuuper adorable. They vlog everyday and their daughter Julianna is so cute with her big cheeks and prankish ways. You should check them out.

6e28b7ceb94f9b4d4ddb379b70a8a7c6Taking some classes. I am not a school person at all, honestly I hate it. I dropped out of high school in my senior year (stupid me) and ended up taking my GED just to get it over with. I passed with flying colors, I’m actually very bright, just very lazy. lol. Soooo, I’ve been thinking about taking some courses online, but like my problem from start one, I just don’t know what I want to do for living… you would think I would know by now. I have had many ideas, and many loves, especially my artwork. As much as I love my artwork, they just don’t seem to pay the bills, it’s never stable.So, I’ll start doing my research and continue working my Monday-Friday, 9-5 (booohooohooo)

32c6c215e5bebfeb1549f69829e00d7aGetting my shit together man. I’m getting older, and let’s face it. I have to start taking better care of myself. I’ve been trying really hard to cut off the junk food. I started working out, it’s a minimum work out, I promise to get better and take it more religiously. See, to me, it’s not really about the number on the scale or getting skinny, I just want to feel better about myself. I have to admit, lately I have been feeling great, even with my jiggly chichos. 🙂

237bff611f1a269a45816577ebad44c5 I had more people to take shots of. I really want to start side hustling photographing events. It will be a perfect side check. Especially since I have soo many gadgets I want to get and a brand new spanking apartment/loft I keep dreaming about.


Well, enough about me….. someone give me some suggestions on Netflix already!

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