Canon In Canal with Kat

2-3_1I’m soooo ecited. I finally got my new baby (canon rebel t3i) and I finally got my hair light enough after soooo much beaching (boooo) that I can achieve the blue grey I have been wishing for. March Madness for the win!

I have yet to think of an awesome name for her… yes, I decided my canon is a she.  While my older camera. a Sony hx200v  I took as a boy. Since Sonny( clever clever eh?) was built for tough times and got me through everything. While this canon seems extremely delicate and I have yet to get a hang of her. confusing me at every turn. (heh, just like a woman)

I asked Kat to meet up with up me to go on a test run after work. I’m so used to shooting in natural’s the best, the best filter you could possible ever get. Especially on skin, you just end up looking naturally beautiful, more than you already are!


Since we got out of work pretty late, the little sun that NY has to offer was gone right away. We headed to Canal St. since I was on the hunt for a new everyday bag that can carry all the crap I put in there. While Kat was lurking for a phone case to protect her brand spanking new phone.

1-5_1c626f027a0ee5f27cd55ccdabf7a9002I had fun, catching up and just talking non-sense like we usually do. Especially making fun of the ratchet ways in highschool when girls will celebrate their one week anniversary 🙂

Check out these candids while shopping and eating, yes…pizza yum!









1415I hope you guys like……

Ps. What names do you think I should name my canon?

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