Rebel Bingo

IMG_48053860d29525cefccf3b259ff4e8eebfc0Ooooomg! What a night….

But first, I started off the day shooting another Body Art Session with David Zayas Jr.  You’ll get to see some behind the scenes pics and the final product of that soon enough. Especially since we got to work with a complete babe and sweetheart @slimnasty_ . But like I said… soon enough. So stay posted.

David  had told me about Rebel Bingo, and how he was going to be their event photographer, so while he was busy at work, his invited guests got to party at Irving Plaza in the VIP secrtion and have some chances to win some awesome prices….. like a panda(not a real one sillies), a speaker, and a bike. You guys already know I didn’t win anything…. I got sooo close though, then the host started talking about 2 and 3 lines and I was like, ay Dios mio!1-2_1I got to hang out and get a little crazy with Ev, Nico, Jger, Crys, Shaina, and waaaay many others that I can’t even remember right now. Point blank, everyone was dope as hell!2_1Check out the awesome host and his quirky seductive assistants:

3-2_1 10_2 4 5 7 8 9 11 The rest of these pics below, I take no credit for. Most are taken by David Zayas Jr. and the other 2 photographers of the event, they were just too awesome to pass up. Enjoy!1002381_10152232945056014_362042340_n 1795492_10152232945241014_163021146_n 1888522_10152232934156014_1333179402_n 1899951_10152232944366014_1619578230_n 1962842_10152232944706014_1736095077_n 1922514_10152232945491014_710604032_n 10006469_10152232934771014_1449693471_n

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