5 Napkins for the Birthday Girl:Chevy

278b6b89c507fc688da802b6e0f2bba99 b75589e2a99d03a67b539085658fd160I suck. I suck the worst. Apparently I don’t know how to read because when Tanya texted me saying that she and Jesus were throwing Chevy a surprise birthday dinner, I failed at the keyword “SURPRISE’.     Ugh, I’m such a mess… I started talking to Oli through instagram and Chevy bumped into her name, and well … you all know the rest. Luckily for me, I didn’t put any details of when and/or where, so she knew there was a dinner just not anything else. Like I said, I suck.. I know!

1_1We (Q and I) made it to 5 Napkin Burgers exactly 5 minutes before the birthday girl arrived… so we were safe! Tanya, her beau Richie, Chevy’s mother and cousin were already there waiting for all the guests to arrive.

Let me tell you, I was staaaaarving. I didn’t take my lunch break at work because I knew I was gonna be eating good tonight. Oooooh, I’m so glad I waited. I ordered the avocado-ranch burger and my mouth felt like I have died and gone to heaven…it was that good!

Plus the service was amazing. Our waiter was a doll, looked he enjoyed being there, didn’t rush us to order or leave, and had great recommendations. Now that’s what I’m talking about.4Chevy was so surprised… (yes, even though I still suck) and looked absolutely beautiful in her pin up skirt. Her loverboy Jesus, had kidnapped her for the whole day, took her bowling, to japanese shops and others to keep her busy while still celebrating her crazy day. They are the cutest couple ever, let me tell you. Spend 5 minutes with them and you’ll fall in love with new friends.

After all the burgers, we (Chevy, Jesus, Jesus’s brother, Q and I) decided it wasn’t time to go to sleep just yet. We headed to the birthday girl’s apartment where Q cheated on me with Xbox one..(the guys were in their own world) and while Chevy and I bonded over nailpolishes and My Little Pony.

Yes, you read right. Apparently, The My Little Pony series is amazing, and I must watch it. It’s like a drama series but anaimated for kids. I watched one episode and thought it was pretty damn cute… I guess I have to keep watching to really get hooked.

Chevy also explained how almost every pony has a completely different character of their own, and how all of us (Chevy, Tanya, Sara, Oli, me seem to have a pony that resembles us) Bookworm, party girl, ditz etc. I thought that was pretty damn adorable. Chevy marked me as Rainbow Dash, but once I saw the colors for Nightmare moon, I was like..hell naaah! She looks way better.

Omg…. I just realized I wrote like 3 paragraphs about pony’s. hahahha

We were on the only sugar high, with swedish fish and cotton candy and started to play Mario on the Wii. I definitely need more practice.

Anyway, check out the pics from our night.

Happy Birthday my love.

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