Princess Minx Face Painting

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A coworker of mine was helping her niece have a great 2nd birthday. So of course I had to jump in a little and some work. Dahiana was great with the kids. There were so many kids playing all times of games, hula hoop competition, limbo, duck duck goose, potato sack racing and soooo much more. I actually joined in on the fun when the adults got to play musical chairs. I was runner up… ah, soooo close!   Q actually came with, since Saturday’s are usually our days. He was such a big help once we were decorating, he helped set up all the food, and had an even better time eating it afterwards.   I ended up taking about 300 pictures and so many videos of today, but I’ll spare you the rambling and put up a few, especially since I don’t want to post up too many kids that don’t belong to me on social sites.  Until next time guys!

Ps. I’m soooooo loving this purple do. tumblr_n1lzri4ilO1qa600wo1_500 10_1 23_1

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