My Milkshake Brings All the Art to the LES

01_12a82ecdb1470080da7f234f51fd29a3245e16f3df97e07216bd1149948a3de11 240478e37009820371616f1dc60f6b191It was another night where I met up with the loverboy to grab some random flicks of the city. Since I knew the Bowery wall had a new mural up I was ready to see the changes. Maya Hayuk had some bright drips that needed some of my attention.02 23_1 5_1 4We stopped by a small gallery on Delancey by the name of Rox, with a great space and the most rudest host possible. Not only were we not greeted at the door (even after we said hello first) but her attitude was unnecessary. She treated us as if were scum on the bottom of her shoe. Never again.  6

(ATTENTION by Jonathan Rosen)

The art itself was interesting and we laughed at the closer we got to each piece.7Check out this Kanye West piece that was hiding in their office.

Q was in love.9 10 11 12We walked into a hole in the wall restaurant with the cutest 50’s decor. I was in awe, but once we got the food I wasn’t as smitten anymore. It tasted like microwaveable wings, mozzarella sticks, and cheese fries. We devoured it anyway. Hey, food is food.  13_1 14_1 15_1DSC00084

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