Hot Date


ooooooooooh….I’ve been waiting all week for my hot date with Kat. We barely get to see each other anymore, so when we made plans to go out, I was soooo excited. We were so excited.

We kept calling each other all giggly.

“what are you gonna wear?”

“aaaah, I’m so excited.”

“One more day left!”2We went to Ricky’s to overload on hair dye, since Kat wants to go blue and I want to pale out this blonde. I actually like the blonde, but I feel it’s too yellow for my taste. So like always, changes are coming. I don’t know how I still have hair on my head.

We headed to Appleebees, which I’m not the biggest fan of. But  my steak with mashed potatoes was delicious, Tiny, yet still delicious.

Can’t you tell how much we missed each other?

The funniest thing is we told ourselves we would wear heels for each other, I gave up 20 minutes in, and a short while later, we were both in combat boots.

I used to wear heels religiously. I feel sooooo old.

Goos times with my Kat though, love you!4

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