Dominican Republic. Day 3: New Artwork

IMG_20140113_231840Day 3 of me being in Dominican Republic. Im not still not used to the cold showers. In my head I act like its acid  trying to ruin me. Maybe Im just a spoiled New Yorker who hasnt appreciated hot water in her bath enough.

Its Monday which means all the cousins are out of to work and thats okay because I dont have them randomly taking turns filling up my cup with beer after every sip I take.

Its just one beer, [Eso no es nada] Thats nothing. It was nothing 6 beers ago when Ive only been awake for an hour! I dont know how they do it.

I didnt much today, which was okay bc Ive been feeling so sleepy, I have no idea why. I decided to do a sketch of my cousin Yenny and her son Victor. She loved it, and mentioned that shes gonna frame it for her house. Wooooooooooooop!

At night, we went on a little drive to the Malecon, which is supposed to be POPPIN, especially during Christmas time and such… but beacuse I suck and Im here in January, and the fact that its raining over here, its D-E-A-D.

While roaming, cruising, driving we got some beers. Which by the way, you get to walk around all day with a beer, drive with bottles in one hand and its like nothing. Fuck a seatbelt, theres barely any traffic lights, its like no order.. Everytime someone is driving, Im freaking out looking both ways because I feel like Im going to die!

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