Dominican Republic. Day 2: Remains of Christopher Columbus

The Tainos were a big part of the Dominican Republic History. But things changed when Cristobal Colon or Christopher Columbus to us english speaking folk, arrived.17This is rumored to be his house of residency.5My family makes the funniest tour guides yet. I know if I had to be showing someone around New York, I would have all of my facts jumbled up. The facts were covered and that counted.
12As beautiful as all the historic monuments were, I was actually more focused on actuallu capturing moments our family could treasure.

So when I handed off my camera to my cousin Yenny, I was grateful, especially since I almost never get any pictures of myself. I’m always the one behind the camera. And to be honest, I still couldn’t resist. We kept playing hot potato with the camera through out the day.13(my gorgeus grandmother being silly)15When we got back home, the men, minus my cousin Cesar (in the green shirt) insisted on cooking dinner for the night.Cesar acted as the honorary supervisor and taste tester while watching a football game with a beer glued to his hands.6The white pasta was delicious but way too much for me to handle, and that’s says a lot coming from me. I ended up leaving half of the plate in the fridge. I think my family is trying to make up for the all loss of food they haven’t fed me in 15 years.16Ps. I’m super grateful for  my cousin Yenny letting me borrow her laptop while I’m here. I figure I’ll edit and post at night to keep my all my days organized. Also I never truly noticed how addicted to my blog I truly am. I hope you guys enjoy these pics, bc I keep getting teased that I need to step away from the computer, later guys!
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