Dominican Republic. Day 2: Backyard

1Since I fell asleep at 9pm yesterday it was pretty obvious I was going to wake up early. 5am to be exact. I started to type away and decided to write Q a  letter about yesterday:

   I have no wifi now. It´s officially 5:30am, I just woke up from my 9pm knock out. I figured I´ll just write to you, even if I can´t send it just yet. It´ll send on its own when it´s ready I guess.

   I´m laying down in the dark, I mean pitch black. There´s no computer light flickering or any chargers with their little lights Everything is silent, visually. I do though. hear dogs barking and a rooster doing it´s chant. I´ve never ever heard nature´s own alarm clock at work. It´s so amazing.GOPR0061_1389531488162_low_1

   I went through our family chat and apparently, according to my cousins, I cant hang. They mentioned that I fell asleep early and drank nothing. Which my body knows that´s not true since I had about 9 beers and 3 concoctions of rum and wine.

   I also had the pleasure of one my uncles attempt to tell me to start taking care of my body more. That I´m getting older and shouldn´t  even be eating fried foods and such. I guess that was his way to discretely say I was fat- And I take that criticism under a rare evaluation, considering he hasn´t seen me put any food in my mouth for 15 years, and has only re-met me for total amount of about 15 minutes.

   It was akward, so I just stood there, nodded and smiled, all while he literally introduced me to an old family friend, who happened to say I looked just like my mother. At that point I was just glad it was pretty dark outside, not only because it was night, but bc all the electricity and lights were off until 9pm.Screenshot_2014-01-12-09-09-22_1

   I can state that I have out danced all of my guy and 2 girl cousins. Not that they put up a good fight in the first place. Edward, my cousin Yocasta´s husband of 20 years seemed to be the only contender. He had some moves, and was the only one who actually stayed with the rythm of the music. The girls picked on me, asking me where I had learned to dance, I haven´t been to Santo Domingo in years and dance better than a dominican. I blame my mother and my fearlessly ways of doing I want to express myself.

   So it´s 5:59am now, 4:59am to you, and I think I´m going to force myself back to bed now, so I won´t mess up my sleeping pattern more than it´s already ruined. And even more so, so I won´t hear how I can´t hang. Love you sweet stuff.

I never ended up going back to sleep and decided to roam my abuela (grandmother´s backyard) Here´s a few pics. I hope you guys like. And stay posted for my next post, later on this same day we went to go visit some ruins.GOPR0065_1389531256696_high_1

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