Dominican Republic. DAY 1: Departure and Arrival

It’s officially 7:27am.  I’m sitting in the plane,  Window seat of course. I hope this is the beginning of a long needed travel  adventure.  I have just received my headphones, seat belt is on and the background noise of 2 Dominican ladies carry on in the background. They sound like chickens clucking.

T his would be the longest time Q & I will spend apart. I know I’ll miss him in due time. Saying goodbye at the gate hurt,  but reality has yet to hit me.
The guy behind me has just kicked my chair,  time to depart.  I hope it’s going to be a smooth 4 hours.2

It has only been 2 hours,  I’ve had about 7 beers and 4 mosquito bites. I’ve changed into shorts because the heat is unbearable.15
Yes, beers is how my family cools off.        14 I’m actually regretting bangs because they continue to stick to my forehead. This leather couch that I’m laying on doesn’t help either. But its the only quiet place I have found that includes  a fan,  or should I say, the sound effects of a fan.
My cousins are great,  I haven’t seen them in 15 years. I wonder if we will have much to speak about after a couple of days. 178 We rarely know each other and I only remember but so much from age 10. Maybe I should stop writing and actually go make some memories.



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