After New Years

After the festivities we didn’t want the party to end. Most of us headed to my godfather and godmother’s house for more drinks, hookah and salsa dance lessons.

My godfather has the best dance moves!

We ended up falling asleep around 6am, and sleeping over, after all of our laughs and shit talking. Here’s a few pics of our activities.
aa1My handsome men, my fiance and padrino (godfather)
aa2My cousin Sasha, who is expecting a baby boy and her other half Ramgy. aa3The stupidity and amazingness all in one shot. Love it. aa4 aa5 aa6My cousin Janneice, Q and I took over Raymond’s room! aa7 aa8 aa9Remember the gift I got for my godmother? Look how pretty it looks in her house.

(Also, I guess now you all know my real name 🙂 )aa10I caught my cousin Raymond once he knocked out. hehehe.


Alsoooooo, once we woke up, the boys, Raymond and Q decided to act like assholes, waiting on ME to get up and make them breakfast. According to them, I was the only BOOBS awake, so it was my responsibility to feed them.

Not only did I make them suffer and wait, I got up to cook, since I was hungry and decided to play a simple tiny prank on them.

I ended up dying the eggs green, using some food coloring my godmother had in the kitchen.  My godfather joked and said nothing was safe, I must color everything.

I laughed at the truth of it.

hahaha, until next time my loves.

♥, minx

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