Best Christmas Gift Ever!

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am. What better way than to start off a brand new year than to go on a vacation?

It has been almost 3 years since  I have taken a vacation (Last trip was Miami, I think that barely counts) and it has been even longer since I’ve actually been out of the country to visit my family.

That’s right my loves, I am officially going to Dominican Republic!

My cousins (many of them, might I add) have been bugging me for years to take a trip and get a little crazy. We’re a family of drinkers. 🙂

Last time I saw any of my cousins (from my mother’s side) I was merely ten years old, no boobs and way skinnier than I am now (How I wish I could go back, to the skinny side that is) I had long jet black hair that was always in those braids mothers tended to do, that usually ended in colorful scrunchies with objects attached to them.

Oh boy, how times have changed.

My spanish isn’t the best as it should be, I know I start to stutter once my mind gets faster than my tongue, I have a lot more pounds to squeeze into my bathing suit, about 4 different colors in my hair, and tattoos almost everywhere. I wonder what my grandmother would say.

I have to admit what a wonderful surprise it was when my Mr.Minx told me he had booked a flight for me.

I think that’s the best Christmas present I have ever received.

I’ll be leaving mid January and returing 3 weeks later. Right now I just finished buying my pretty silver suitcase. And going crazy trying to find simple yet cute summer clothes, which is a bit of a hassle when shopping now because all I seem to find is sweaters and boots. Which reminds me I need to buy sandals and shoes I dont mind messing in mud and such.

Well, you guys know already I’ll be taking a whole bunch of pictures, but until I finally make it to the motherland, enjoy these oldies but goodies last time I was in Santo Domingo.

1Look how tiny I was! That’s my brother (9 at the time) Chris and I, happy mealing it out. 2My 2 cousins Yocasta and Yenny, they’re the eldest cousins and my brother and I used to play around calling them mom when we were kids.

That handsome gentleman is my grandfather, God Bless his soul. I miss him so much. He was the sweetest man I ever met, always smiling and playing dominoes. 3My cousin Yenny and her then boyfriend (she might kill me for this one)

But look at my flower dress, that’s back when my mother used to dress me.

I look so lost!

I can’t wait until I officially get off that plane and into my family’s arms!

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