Pre-Christmas Dinner

1830f20e639dabe0c53fa4ab46ae5c6a9 2This year, I wanted to have a Christmas of my own.

But first let me explain.

It’s been a long time since I’ve actually had a good Christmas. My past Christmas’s have been very lonely, due to differences with my mother. I have been in and out of my house since I was about 16 years old. There have many different opportunities with friends and different families, but it’s never really quite the same.

When your traditions are just yours, it’s hard to imitate or go elsewhere.

So this year, I took it upon myself to have my own Christmas, surrounded by my loved ones. I was eager to have everyone come and meet each other. The people I care about, all from different cliques, family, school, friends, old jobs all together. 3I also got to spend time with my amazing brothers and sister, which is very rare when we are all under the same roof, let alone on a holiday.

That’s us in age order from oldest to youngest.

Me 24, Luis 24, Chris 23, Julissa, 20, Jeremy 13.

Aren’t my brothers so handsome?

And my gorgeous sister of course. 
4Can’t you tell how happy I am?

I spent the whole day cooking, sweating over a hot stove. Here’s what was on the menu:

  • BBQ Ribs
  • Rib tips
  • Yellow Rice
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Tri-Colored Pasta with beef and Mozzarella
  • Sloppy Joe Beef with carrots and onions
  • Steak infused with garlic

Everyone loved it and I was so happy with all the compliments I received.5I had presents already set up under my tree (see pics here) and gave everyone a little something something.

Here’s my brother Luis girlfriend, Julievet  who’s expecting, (my first official nephew, whooop whoooop) opening her brand new baby blanket with a couple of onesies.6Kat & Misha taking shots 7 8My littlest brother, yet the tallest, he’s passed all of us in height already! 9My hood brother Zero tagging everything on sight.10The loveliest couple of all, Mary Ann & Kevin, you’ve probably seen them in previous post. I was so happy they came after work to come spend some time with Q & I.

We really have to start making some time for all of us to hang out again.11I’ve hosted my share of small gathering at my place, since the move. So of course I had to do something for Christmas. Since I didn’t want to take anyone out from their original plans with their own families I planned everything for the 22nd .

Q was awesome as he always is, helping me get ready for the big day.

Love that man. 12My hood family, Dash, J, Zero, Kat, Misha,(Q) and Philartiste. 13 14I had such a great time with everyone, and I’m super grateful that everyone took the time to come out all the way to Brooklyn to spend some time with me.

My first Christmas, (as an adult that I host) was all that I could ask for, and I would never forget it. DSC07722I hope you all enjoy your Holidays, from my family, to yours.



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