MRS Come Alive

200612a01de84a28f6aa734b4df5f6e45 3Headed to Bob’s Bar on Eldridge to support MRS on her first solo show ever!

MRS is an abstract collage artist who was born and raised in The Bronx, New York. As a young painter she was greatly influenced by graffiti culture. In 2011 she earned a bachelors degree in fine arts from The Fashion Institute of Technology further establishing her passion to create. MRS remains dedicated to her alias while also committing to her expressive graffiti inspired paintings.


I met up with the awesome Philartiste and my main squeeze Misha. I haven’t seen her since she returned from Dominican Republic from her non profit project and we had a lot of catching up to do. Not that we got to do much of it. We both left a little early, since she had dinner plans and I was starving myself and headed to Lucky’s Burgers with Phil for some much needed face stuffing.

But before we skip all the way to the end lets enjoy some pics I snapped of the show and MRS pieces, all which are on sale, so if you see anything you like, feel free to contact MRS.

5 6 7This black and white piece was my absolute favorite. I want it in my living room NOW!8“Come Alive”9The talented artist.10 11Claw getting busy hitting Phil’s blackbook.12 13Caught in the act, Philly Phil.14Passed by Rag & Bone to check out Meres mural all with a black, white and chrome cans. Love it!

It was a good night, time to enjoy those burgers.


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