Snow Day Out

Spent the day with the lover boy, spent a cold, windy day indeed.

I am not a fan of the cold, at all!

We decided on a movie and some food, started off in IHOP and ditched the movie idea really quick, we headed to a bowling alley in the Bronx and with all the shit talking Q was doing, it felt sooo good, when I kicked his ass!

hahahhaa, it wasn’t by much, let me tell you. He had 96 points when I had 102. But regardless, I won.

Check out a few pics of our day below:

DSC07604a1318cc18b60bcce453e0fd7a9e315e4 DSC07606 DSC07608 DSC07619DSC07613 DSC07615 DSC07626 DSC07653 DSC07637

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