Holidays at Home


I’ve been busting my butt, making my tiny apartment cozy for the holidays. I’m such of fan of seeing holiday decorations, it just melts my heart. I’m not too crazy about red and green put together unless it’s done in a nice tasteful way. Over kill can be just as the name describes, death. I’ll stick to soft neutral metallics and whites. I think it’s soft, classic and just what I wanted. I add some mint green and my purple wall made my white tree simply stand out. I’m in love.2

I wrapped all (not shown above, because this pic was the early stages) the presents in either gold or silver wrapping paper, used dark purple ribbon or white ribbon with black polka dots. (I’m addicted to black and white prints)
3I also added picture frames of loved ones. That’s me and my sister Jula.

The best friend Misha and I below, as well as my Mr.Minx.

And of course no tree is complete without my Jasmine there. Doesn’t she look pretty?

What do your trees look like?

Ps.I hope all of your homes are filled with joy this season, I’ll speak to you guys soon.

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